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Travel Anxiety!

Since I missed #MentalHealthMonday, I guess we’ll call this a #TriggersTuesday. Whatever it’s called, this post is dedicated to travel anxiety!

Over the years, I’ve developed a love for traveling to random cities in the U.S. I’m fortunate that my parents are always willing to take our dog for the weekend whether we’re going on a trip that’s been planned for months or heading to spontaneously see a favorite comedian in a random town that’s just a quick four hour drive away.

That said, as regular and beloved as these trips have become, you never know when a panic attack will hit. This past weekend, on an annual trip to #Chicago for Adam’s birthday, I had my first major panic attack in months right in the middle of a Chinatown food court. Between being underground, surrounded by a crowd without cell service as Adam waited for his food and general overstimulation, I was having a BAD time. But I got through it, and so can you! I took some time to reflect on other trips and decided to make a list of things that have helped me with anxiety in the past:

1. 🛌 Build in rest time.

No matter how many times we say we’re just going to take a relaxing trip, the wanderlust kicks in and we end up planning packed agendas, hoping to soak up every minute of our time in town. That said, one thing that overwhelms me is the constant go-go-go feeling of traveling. Now, I try to build in breaks wherever we’re staying to just nap or watch something familiar and comforting on TV.

2. 🍋Pack medicines and grounding tools and keep them with you.

I skipped this this past weekend and what a mistake. Many people say that lemon and/or lemon juice help a lot in distracting your body from a panic attack.

3. 🗣️ Communicate!

I understand not wanting to be a kill joy, but letting your travel companions know how you’re feeling can go a long way in managing anxiety.

Anxiety doesn’t have to prevent you from experiencing new things! Know your triggers and be prepared. What advice would you add?


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